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Thank you for viewing my Construction Law practice area webpage. I have extensive experience in construction law and construction litigation. As a Woodland Hills construction law attorney, I have helped countless clients with a wide range of issues arising from construction-related disputes and as such I have the experience and expertise in this field to handle even the most complex construction disputes.

Complex Construction Litigation

Due to the very nature of the industry, construction litigation disputes often become complex. When a relationship between a contractor and a property owner begins, the scope of work usually requires the involvement of many subcontractors for specialized services. The number of contractors/parties coupled with the fact that most disputes (mechanic's liens, contract disputes, defects, stop notices, etc.) are already complex to begin with often makes lawsuits cumbersome for less experienced attorneys. My past experience in litigating and mediating these complex disputes makes me the smart choice to achieve a successful resolution to your case.

Defects In Construction

Defects in construction can range from something as minor as peeling paint (patent defect) to something as severe as unstable foundations, material flaws, leaking roofs or electrical issues (latent defects). If it is apparent that your property has suffered construction defects as a result of poor or negligent workmanship, you may have legal options to rectify your situation.

Delays And Schedule Disputes

It is not unusual to have schedule delays on a construction project. In fact, it is quite rare when contractors and property owners do not experience a few hiccups in their construction schedule. Sometimes these interruptions are easily resolved, but other times these delays become severe, which leads to disputes and sometimes to litigation. At my law firm, the Law Offices of Elliott H. Stone, I and my team conduct a thorough investigation of all claims, examining all facts and documents related to the dispute.

Variations In Work Orders

In addition to the regularity of experiencing delays in construction projects, it is normal to experience changes in the original scope of work that the project owner and contractor had agreed to at the start of the job. The issue, however, usually occurs when determining if the variations in the work order will require additional compensation or if the additional work should be performed without additional compensation. Every project is different, and depending on the specific change order, additional compensation may or may not be standard and reasonable.

Mechanic's Liens

Mechanic's liens create a security interest for contractors that provide labor and/or materials for a project or property, but fail to get paid by the property owner. Mechanic's liens were first created to encourage construction and development but have since become more complex. I have the experience and expertise in the legal procedures involved with the preparation, recording and foreclosure of mechanic's liens under California law.

License And Surety Bond Claims

In California, the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) requires all contractors to obtain and maintain a bond as part of the license requirement. A surety bond is essentially a legal agreement between three parties — the principal (the contractor), the owner and the surety/underwriting party that produces the bond. In the event that a principal fails to meet their duties, any individual wronged by this failure is able to file a claim on the contractor's bond. On the other hand, if a principal feels that the claim has been wrongly filed, the contractor may dispute the validity of such claim. Contact my office if you are in need of legal representation to assist in resolving a CSLB license complaint or bond claim.

Insurance Disputes

Since my law firm, the Law Offices of Elliott H. Stone, is a Woodland Hills and Los Angeles construction law firm, I handle a wide range of claims arising from insurance coverage. I have experience representing clients with insurance disputes and can determine what course of action is best given the unique facts of your case; whether it is arbitration, litigation in court or negotiating a settlement. Please contact me, construction law attorney Elliott H. Stone, for questions regarding your specific matter.

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