Protecting And Defending Employers Throughout Orange County And Los Angeles County

Lawsuits against small and medium-sized businesses brought by former employees are now one of the most common lawsuits filed in Orange and Los Angeles counties. The Law Offices of Elliott H. Stone's Labor and Employment practice group represents businesses in all aspects of employment and workplace litigation, including defense of employment practices liability lawsuits, wage and hour lawsuits, retaliation lawsuits and class action lawsuits. My firm's lawyers will become an integral part of your company because we take the time to listen and fully understand your business as well as the legal challenges it may be facing.

Some of the smartest employers bring their toughest employment problems to my firm. For some employers it may be a class action involving hundreds of potential class members, a jury trial with exposure in the millions or a retaliation lawsuit that could cripple the company. When you speak with me and my lawyers, you will learn why the brightest employers use the Law Offices of Elliott H. Stone as their advocate to defend their most difficult and critical cases.

In this era of endless government regulations and prolific employee lawsuits, your company's wage and hour compliance is more important than ever. As one of the best and brightest employment law firms in Los Angeles County and Orange County, my firm's lawyers will give you the best advice and representation when it comes to defending employment litigation.

The Law Offices of Elliott H. Stone's Employment practice group is ready to give your business the benefits of our in-depth knowledge, extensive experience and local know-how to provide you with practical lawsuit defense in all areas of employment law.

Employment Law Defense Lawyers

With the unprecedented increase in the filing of wage and hour lawsuits in Los Angeles County and Orange County over the last 10 years, complicated by the ever-increasing number of government regulations, California employers are at risk of losing tens of millions of dollars in employment lawsuits without the right defense. My firm defends wage and hour lawsuits in all California courts, including the Los Angeles County Superior Court and Orange County Superior Court, and also defends complex cases and class action lawsuits. Whether a former employee is seeking to recover for overtime, missed meals, missed break periods, off-the-clock allegations, independent contractor misclassification, sexual harassment, retaliation, record keeping or payroll deductions, we can assist you as we have defended it all.

We have defended employers and successfully resolved the following types of lawsuits:

  • Wrongful termination or demotion claims
  • Overtime pay claims
  • Meal and rest break claims
  • Age discrimination claims
  • Retaliation for whistleblowing claims
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Disability discrimination claims
  • Discrimination claims based on gender, race or religion
  • Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) claims
  • Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) claims
  • Class action lawsuits

When your business needs representation to defend against one of these types of employment lawsuits, please call us today and schedule a consultation with Mr. Stone to discuss your case. He can apply valuable insights learned from years in the trenches defending these types of lawsuits.